business concept

by El Señor Miyagi

A profitable

Create the future of your own work. Your success relies on you from now on

With a very low investment

Start up your new business in  a short span of time with little investment  and our continuous advising

All original products

The great variety of original products available, let you win over your clients

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This is how our strores are

Each new opening is attended to in detail: Interior design with 3D visualization,  study of furniture, decoration and shop window dressing, application of the   corporate image to the store with signage and / or illuminated signs, and much more...

A unique shopping experience

Some real opinions
from our clients


Tito K.: A shop with imagination and constant renewed design in shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Always with good taste and a lot of creativity, that's why many celebrities wear them. I love them and I recommend this store with such a wonderful attention.


Marta E.: T-shirts, accessories, mugs... etc All products are super original, have good quality and very cool concept design! I will never get tired of buying in this store, I like everything, the customer service is wonderful. My ideal store!


Jorge A.: Indispensable for geek world lovers and original t-shirts! The garments hold very good quality as well as their silkscreen ... Apart you can find many objects and curiosities in the store and a very good customer treatment ... Highly recommended!

Hundreds of different products

An extensive catalog inspired by the culture of cinema, television, comics, videogames...
with periodical novelties to satisfy all likes

Open your El Señor Miyagi store!

A low investment and high profitability business

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High quality products only

We use high quality clothing to manufacture our products, together with a careful screen printing and a exhaustive quality control

A great professional team

We know that our own success depends on the success of our stores, that's why we take care and advise our franchisees

A reliable value

We have more than 10 years of experience and stores throughout all peninsular geography

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