Original Money Boxes to Save with Style

Save your money in a fun way with our geeky money boxes of your favorite characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more. At El Señor Miyagi, you will find original and high-quality designs to collect or give as gifts. Get yours now!

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Funky piggy banks to save your savings

Are you a true geek and love collecting all kinds of merchandise from your favorite series, movies, and video games? Well, don't miss our selection of funky piggy banks to save your savings. At El Señor Miyagi, we have a wide variety of piggy banks with designs of your favorite Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, My Hero Academia, Stranger Things, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, and many more characters.

Do you want to save up to buy that Funko Pop you've been dreaming of? Or to attend the next Comic Con? With our funky piggy banks, you can save your coins and bills in an original and fun way. Plus, they make the perfect gift for any friend or family member who shares your passion for the geek world.

Imagine having a Darth Vader piggy bank in your room, or a Pikachu one on your desk. It will be impossible to resist saving! And if you're a Harry Potter fan, don't miss our piggy bank in the shape of Gringotts' treasure chest. It will look like you're storing your galleons and sickles in the most famous magical bank in the world!

At El Señor Miyagi, we love the geek world and that's why we've selected the best piggy banks with original and high-quality designs. Plus, all our piggy banks are sturdy and durable so you can enjoy them for a long time. Don't wait any longer and get the funky piggy bank that you like the most!

Remember that in our online store, you'll also find other geek products such as t-shirts, mugs, keychains, backpacks, and much more. Make your life a more geeky world with El Señor Miyagi!