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At El Señor Miyagi, you'll find a wide selection of original products for your home. Add a unique touch to your house with our breakfast mugs, aprons, doormats, cushions, and lamps...a variety of unique items for your home awaits you! Immerse yourself in geek culture with our designs inspired by Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and more.

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Decorate Your Home with Style and Originality

At El Señor Miyagi, we offer you a wide variety of unique products to decorate your home with personality. Our breakfast mugs are perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage every morning, with unique designs inspired by geek culture.

If you're looking for a fun touch in the kitchen, our aprons are ideal. Protect your clothes while cooking and add a stylish flair with designs that reflect your passion for Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and other geek culture themes.

Welcome your guests with an original doormat that reflects your personality from the first step. Additionally, our decorative cushions are perfect for adding comfort and style to your sofa or bed.

Complete the lighting of your home with our unique lamps. From designs inspired by your favorite Marvel characters, Zelda, and One Piece, to Star Wars-themed lamps, you'll find the perfect option to create a special ambiance in every room.

Choose from a wide selection of products that reflect your passion for geek culture and the universes you love. At El Señor Miyagi, we take pride in offering you original home items that make a difference in your surroundings.

Discover the magic of Harry Potter in every corner of your home with our figures and decorations inspired by this magical saga. Transform your house into a true haven for Dragon Ball fans with our collectible figures and thematic decorative items.

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with our exclusive collectible figures and unique home items. Let the excitement of Marvel take over with our figures of your favorite superheroes. Dive into the world of Zelda and One Piece with our thematic articles that will transport you to epic adventures.