T-shirts and many other original products

El Señor Miyagi is, since its inception in 2007, a brand of T-shirts and many other original products, with illustrations of great visual impact based on icons of popular culture, cult and current series and films, video games, etc.

Our products are characterized by exclusive designs (100% own, you will not find them anywhere else) and unsurpassed finishes and qualities.All our T-shirts are produced in Spain and stamped by silk-screening, which ensures them the longest durability in the market. We, unlike many other stores, do not use transporters or T-shirt printers.

In addition to online sales, we have several <span "=""><span "=""><span "="">stores  throughout the country and a network of collaborating stores that make our products reach all corners of our country.

If you have a store and want to be part of our network of distributors, or you are thinking of setting up your own business and working as your own boss in a fun business with low investment and high profitability, do not hesitate to contact us through <span "="">this contact form, writting to <span "="">info (a) miyagi.es or calling the number 964 350 673.